OK here it is :

In the "MASTER ESTIMATING"workbook there are 4 sheets: 1.RATES 2.PROPOSAL 3.TRACKING 4.DATA

I have a second workbook called "DATA COMPILING" where i want all specified information from every copied "MASTER ESTIMATING"workbook to be stored ,so the user can access important information from every workbook created from that master.

I have a folder called "JOB TRACKING FOLDER" , each copy of master workbook created will be stored in this folder.

In the"DATA COMPILING" folder there are 9 rows of data i would like to pull from all the copied "MASTER ESTIMATING"workbooks which are in the "JOB TRACKING FOLDER."

these rows are as follows: sheet name .."DATA STORAGE"

JOB ID #--------ROW A
# OF DAYS ---------ROW G
% OF $$ BILLED-----ROW T

And respectively those figures will be taken from copied "MASTER ESTIMATING"workbook: Sheet name...."TRACKING"
cell b4
cell d5
cell d6
cell d8
cell h8
cell o3
cell o4

All workbooks copied from "MASTER ESTIMATING"master will be saved in "JOB TRACKING FOLDER."

Each job that is saved in the "JOB TRACKING FOLDER." will be named JOB1 JOB2 JOB3 etc etc and so on and so on ,

The object of this macro is to compile specific information from every workbook put into the job tracking folder and display it on one sheet in the data compiler workbook.
All copied sheets will have a macro in it which is copied from the master( not sure if that was needed info )
Will need automatically update the data compiler workbook every time the user enters new information in the copied master estimating workbooks which again the user will be instructed to name them JOB1 JOB2 etc etc.
in the data compiler workbook i need the information from JOB1 workbook sheet name TRACKING to start in row 6 and JOB2 workbook sheet name TRACKING in row 7 and so on and so on.

all caps are noted exactly the way as they do in workbooks
" " are just for titles and do not need to be reflected in macro

OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION I know Zero about macros , not proud of it but its the truth,you would basically have to write the whole macro for me so i can just copy it to workbook. Hope someone is up for the challenge.

thanks for any help.