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Thread: Assign page numbers left to right

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    Assign page numbers left to right

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    I would appreciate any help. I have a spreadsheet with 4 pages running horizontally and it will have a large quantity of pages runiing vertically. How can I get the program to assign page numbers left to right as opposed to vertically?

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    I can't understand what you mean by pages running horizontally and vertically.
    Each sheet has Rows and columns with columns going across the sheet and rows running down the sheet.
    You can rotate entries in cells through 90 degrees, but I cannot imagine that you mean you have done this for anything other than perhaps some header rows.

    If you have, why have you done this?

    Can you post an example workbook

    Roger Govier
    Microsoft Excel MVP

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    Like Roger, I'm confused by your description, but perhaps you have some pages that print in landscape orientation (horizontal), and others that print in portrait orientation (vertical).
    If that's the case, and you want the page numbers to print in the same location on all sheets, there is no setting in Excel that will do that.
    You could omit the page numbers on the horizontal sheets, because you only have a few of those.

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