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Thread: Copy Conditional formatting in Excel 2007

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    Copy Conditional formatting in Excel 2007

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    I need to copy cells A32:N41 which contain conditional formatting.

    I need to make about 40 copies.

    When I do this the conditional formatting stays attached to the original cells.
    The formatting is based off of the data in cells E33:E39 and J33:J39
    If the number falls between 1 and 3 the cells will turn red between 4 and 7 the cells will turn green
    If the Cell is NRT it will turn black and N/O turns white

    Then in cells K35:N39 if any of the cells E33:E39 and J33:J39 equal NRT,1,2,or 3 the cells will turn yellow

    So this works fine in the original cells the problem comes when I try to copy and Paste the conditional formatting
    does not come across attached to the new cells. So if I was to copy all of the information to cells A42:N51 the
    conditional formatting for cells K45:N49 will only change to yellow when cells E33:J39 and J33:J39 meet the requirements.

    Also the check boxes also do not come across.

    I need to copy this at least 40 times and I was looking for a short cut so I do not need to add the conditional formatting to each cell.

    I am using Excell 2007 and Windows 8

    See the attached file
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