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Thread: Macro to resize and position chart

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    Macro to resize and position chart

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    Hello Everybody,

    I would really appreciate your feedback on one small issue. I am actually trying to show in an Excel Dashboard the content of one Gannt Chart which sistematically changes in size and position everytime that it is opened by a different user (using other laptops).

    The basic macro contains the following code,

    Sub resizeGantt()
    With Sheets(Range("valDBShtName") & "").Shapes.Range(Array("prjGantt"))
    .Left = 250
    .Top = 200
    .Height = 3.3 * 72
    .Width = 9.1 * 72
    End With
    End Sub

    The process to ensure that the Chart is positioned and sized properly consist in: 1. Enable macros once the file is opened; 2. Run the macro; 3. Save the Excel File; 4. Re-open file. However, I believe that there should be a more efficient way to deal with this.

    Any comments would be really welcome!


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    you need to look into Excel's Trust Center Settings.

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