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Thread: How to find the Active Members

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    Smile How to find the Active Members

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    Good afternoon!

    My first post, hopefully I don't mess it up :-)

    I am looking to filter some data in my file. I figured out I need 2 filters

    1. A filter that only shows me unique data (This column shows a lot of similar transaction ID's). I found the advanced filter tool for this.
    2. A filter that shows me the successful transactions (Status = Success). I found the standard filter tool for this.

    My question: As soon as I try to start step 2, the advanced filter (including results) disappears.

    Is there a way to run both filters as the same time?

    Thank you

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    You could use a helper column to supplement the table and use two standard filters. Something like:

    = if( countif($A$1:A1 , A1) > 1, 0, 1) in B1 and drag down. This will give you a "1" in each unique line and a "0" in all duplicates. You can then filter on the 1's. **Note, it is important that only the first part of the range is an absolute reference**

    Hope this helps. Best of luck,

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    That's an excellent idea! Thank you!

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    Thanks . You're very welcome.

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