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Thread: Index multiple sheets

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    Index multiple sheets

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    File attached.

    I've used similar indexing formulas in the past, however it has always been a single worksheet. This time I am looking to index all worksheets and create a list of projects that are not 100% complete (H2:H1800 value < 100). I've spent a good bit of time trying this on my own and have finally grabbed the proverbial white flag.

    I have worksheets labeled TAMP21 > TAMP38 all formatted exactly the same. I would like to search all worksheets (A1:H1800) and any value less then 100% in H1:H1800, I would like to copy the that row (A-H) to the summary tab. Here's what I have entered in A2 of my summary tab using CTRL + SHFT + ENTER to get the {} around the formula... it provides no errors and I do get some data, but the first result appears to repeat itself with the exception of column A.


    Thanks for the time and effort you may put into this for me.
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    In I2 of the Data sheet enter formula:


    that formula identifies and numbers the matches to the logical check.

    copied all the way down.

    Then in A2 of your Summary sheet enter:


    copied across and down.

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    Thanks for the assistance. It worked perfectly!

    I've taking your advice and added the link accordingly to my original post, however, because I'm a new person to this forum, I do not have the ability to post any links. While I understand the requirement of a post limit to avoid spam bots, I fear that very same limitation has set me up for failure. I'm unable to live up to the common courtesy of posting a link back to my original post on another forum.

    I am very thankful to have people willing to assist strangers with some complex Excel formulas. It is much appreciated.


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