I have range in excel which I name it “Mike” (A2:A6) , in that range I several lines as follow:
PHP Code:
Sheets("B").Range("a2").SelectRange("H15").Value Sheets("D").Range("B2").Value
("H16").Value "3Yr"  Range("H17").Value Sheets("D").Range("C5").Value
("H18").Value "3 Year Average Efficiency"
Range("H20").Value "3Yr" 
I would like to know if this range & those lines can be executed via VBA, by the name rage mentioned. Moreover, those lines are basically part of macro which I hope I can place then in a sheet and not in a module, I know that in lotus you can write your macro in a range on a sheet name that range , and then activate that macro by calling the name of you have it to be executed , by click button , is that option existed also in VBA and excel (p.s.- I place here the original code in VBA)


Sub CMC()
Range("a2").Value = Sheets("D").Range("B2").Value
Range("B2").Value = "3Yr"
Range("a10").Value = Sheets("D").Range("C5").Value
Range("C10").Value = "3 Year Average Efficiency"
Range("f10").Value = "3Yr"
End sub

Giving the fact I am newer to VBA my question does not sound too stupid, and any help will be appreciated