I need to process survey results (900 cells) by automating the following logic:
1. If the first two leftmost characters in the text are "a." (without quotes) then replace the whole contents of the cell with a 1. If they are "b.", replace the whole cell contents with a 2, etc.
2. The purpose is to replace 6 possible text answers that begin with a., b., c., d., e., and f. with, respectively, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 0.
I tried the following: duplicate the survey data sheet in Sheet2 and replace cell contents with text function LEFT(A1,2) where A1 is a cell on the original data sheet, so that i end up with only the two leftmost characters in Sheet2 (i.e., a. or b. or c., etc.). But I don't know how to do the following step of replacing the "a." with 1, etc.