I've been struggling with a large amount of data and just when I thought I had it the limitation of VLOOKUP ruined my Aha! moment.

My 'RawData' sheet has multiple contacts per company and I wanted to organize the contacts by Company (Row) and by Title (Column)

What I am running into is the formula I am using, =VLOOKUP(A11,Table1,11,FALSE), returns only the first occurrence of information for that company. The rest of the contact info for that same company return false rather than the desired info.

I stumbled across an explanation that something like =INDEX(Table1,MATCH(A3,Table1,0)) may work but I just can't wrap my head around this new (to me) formula. I've attached a sample workbook to give you a better idea.

The format of Sheet2 is what I'm looking for. Any ideas on an easier way are welcome.