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Thread: Line Drawing (Geometry Issue)

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    Line Drawing (Geometry Issue)

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    This may be a little off topic for this forum, but I thought I would see if some math guru might be able to help. I am trying to create a spider graph, which can be easily created in a different application, but requires entering data into Excel and the other program. I'm trying to get that down to one data entry process into Excel only.

    (In case you are not familiar with a spider graph, it is a circle in the center representing the main group, let's say Engineering. Then it has several lines (or legs) extending out to additional circles that represent main project areas (ex. Product Line 1, Product Line 2, etc.). Each of these main process areas will have lines extending from them to smaller circles representing sub-process areas (ex. Design, Obolete, RoHS, etc.). Finally, these will have lines extending from them to the various projects, or groups of projects. So, the key area here are lines.)

    My problem is after several decades away from school I cannot get my geometry working. I've gone out and completed a refresher, but it is eluding me how to transfer that to Excel VBA to allow drawing lines. I have a starting point, length and angle as a minimum, but everything that I have tried causes the lines to go shooting off the worksheet. I am trying to start at the center of a circle, say x1 = 300 and y1 = 435 with a line length of 200.

    If someone has some guidance, or can point me somewhere (and I have Googled and searched the Internet) I would be most appreciative. This has to be simple, I know it, but it is giving me fits.

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