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Thread: If cell contains text, then remove this text

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    If cell contains text, then remove this text

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    Is there any formula/macros for the following issue?

    If cell contains some word/text, then this word should be removed from the cell, while the other text remains in the cell.

    Like here word "Okay" should be removed, while other text stays
    See the attachment for the reference.

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    if cell contains SPECIFIC text, remove it

    Hi Caladbolg17

    This won't answer your question, but more like re-phrase it, in hopes of the "formula boys" arriving on the scene.

    The cells you are working with have values (ie: the text/words) something like this

    Good & chr(10) & Great & chr(10) & Okay

    and display the words in the cell one below the other. You would like to remove the word Okay.

    Is Okay the only word you ever want to remove?
    Does the location of Okay change within the different cells?
    If there are other words that need removed as well? If yes, are they in a list in the workbook somewhere?

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    Well, Okay is the only word I want to remove, the location of the word is different for some cells.

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    Select the range, do a CTRL+H in the Find What field enter: Okay

    in the Replace With field, don't enter anything.

    Click Replace All.

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