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Thread: Viewing Worksheets based on selection list

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    Viewing Worksheets based on selection list

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    hi i have a workbook with 17 worksheets. of these 3 are always visible. on sheet one (Overview) i have a selector section from cells G15 - G28 which can select and of the 14 hidden worksheets in the order that i want to view them. i can unhide them easily using vba but they are viewed alphabetically and not in the order selected from the list g15-g28. anyone have the code that would allow the workbook to display the worksheets in the order they are selected, i.e. after the first 3 visible sheets?

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    try something like this in your code
    'make it visible and move it to the end
        With Sheets(Target.Value)
            .Visible = True
            .Move after:=Sheets(17)
        End With
    'stay on sheet one

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