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Thread: Excel sheet [transfer data from Sheet2 to Sheet1]

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    Excel sheet [transfer data from Sheet2 to Sheet1]

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    I want to copy data from detailed sheet to summary sheet. The C column data of detailed sheet (10.23 instead of 10:23.12 in first row by truncating) needs to be copied to B3 in summary sheet.

    We used to fetch the data for summary sheet from oracle database and paste the complete data in summary sheet as shown in sheet. I need some vbs code in summary sheet which will copy the above mentioned data from summary sheet to detailed sheet(after we paste the data in summary sheet and open the detailed sheet.).

    The two sheets are pasted in below attachments-


    Thanks in advance :-)


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    Hi aakhan,

    To understand correctly, you want to transfer data in the summary workbook to the details workbook ?
    I am assuming then that the value (ie: 10:23.12) would be in the summary workbook, and this needs to be copied to a details workbook as 10:23?
    Would the details workbook already be created and opened by a user or must the macro dynamically create a details workbook (blank)?
    What about the dates (months) in the summary file? Do you want them to be transferred also?
    What are the values in the D column of the details workbook in the sample you posted?

    Please clarify these.

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