Hello everyone, this is my first thread on this forum. It looks like a nice place. I've been working with Excel for just over 7 and a half years now, but here is a problem that has always plagued me.

Because of the fact that many of my spreadsheets reset to 0 records at the start of a new month, many of the values that I want to filter by in my various pivot tables dissapear.

For instance, in a data table that I have for product failures, column J, "Repeat" is designated to signify if the failure is one that occured shortly after a previous, similar failure. Each record for column J usually has an empty cell, but in this case the value becomes "1".

I want the pivot table to only show records where the Repeat value is "1", and if there are NONE, then I don't want to see any values. However, the problem is that I can't prevent the filter from reverting back to “(blank)” at the beginning of the new month.
This normally wouldn’t be an issue, but I have many tables like this that have very specific criteria, and I don’t want to have to check all fourteen (and potentially two more) of them every single day that I update my data file (it’s a data connection).

Is there any way I can have the pivot tables keep the filter values, or will I have to find some way to do this using VBA?