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Thread: Urgent help with autofil!

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    Urgent help with autofil!

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    hi all,

    In column "B", i have a formula based hyperlink that transports the user to a certain sheet once clicked on, the formula is shown below.

    =IF(Sub!A51 = "", "", HYPERLINK("#Sub!"&ADDRESS(MATCH(Main!A50, Sub!A:A,0),1)))

    My spreadsheet also requires that you constantly add new rows, but once a new row is added, the last cell in column "B" always inconsistent with the column formula. please help and advise me on how to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. please remember that is has to automatically update by itself.

    thank you so much!

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    Is Main the sheet this formula is in? If so, try removing that name. e.g =IF(Sub!A51 = "", "", HYPERLINK("#Sub!"&ADDRESS(MATCH(A50, Sub!A:A,0),1)))

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