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Thread: Calculating frequencies from worksheet to worksheet.

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    Calculating frequencies from worksheet to worksheet.

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    Hello, i've had a look through the previous posts but am unable to find what i am looking for.

    If it is possible, i want my spreadsheet to calculate various ways.
    The main one i am struggling with is, I do jobs in various areas of the country, what i would like to happen, is when i input data onto my main sheet, is for the sheet to calculate how many jobs i do in a certain area of the country.


    Bonded windscreen in Manchester
    Bonded windscreen in liverpool
    etc etc, on my final worksheet, add up each time i work in the separate areas of the country.

    Have worked with excel for some years but have had a couple of years off and am a little rusty.

    Thanks in advance, Reg

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    Good morning,

    If you have the location in it's own column, you could have a separate master list of locations and then use countif (or countifs) to give the total. I.e.:


    X =countif(---Location Range---, cell that "x" is in) and drag down ** = 2
    Y ** = 1
    Z ** = 3

    Hope this helps,

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    I see what you mean, yes that makes sense. But still struggling. I have an image to post of my spreadsheet, but as yet i am unable to post it due to me being new and having a low post count.

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