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Thread: Copying the Data in reverse by using Formula/Paste Special

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    Copying the Data in reverse by using Formula/Paste Special

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    Dear Friends,

    I request you all kindly let me know while doing paste special whether we can copy the data in reverse manner instead of regular pattern. Here, I would like to explain my query in detail.

    As you all aware that we use paste special command for multipurpose requirements such as breaking the links/transpose etc. But, here I need to copy the data from last row figure as first in the same context first one as final.

    Ex: if Data is 123456 and if we paste the data by using paste special, data will be same may be in in row /column. Here, I wanted to copy the data as 654311 which means reverse. Hence, kindly guide me whether is there any command/formula for doing the same.

    Your kind support for the same would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    This bit of code will allow you to input the copy source and paste location, and carry out the reverse paste operation:

    Sub PasteReverse()
    Dim Crange As Range, Prange As Range, rws As Long, x As Long
    Set Crange = Application.InputBox _
     (prompt:="Input Copy Range: ", Type:=8)
    Set Prange = Application.InputBox _
     (prompt:="Input First Paste Cell: ", Type:=8)
    rws = Crange.Rows.Count - 1
    For x = rws To 0 Step -1
    Prange.Offset(rws - x, 0).Value = ActiveCell.Offset(x, 0).Value
    Next x
    End Sub

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