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Thread: Do not want "False" to display with this formula - ideas?

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    Do not want "False" to display with this formula - ideas?

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    =IF($B$28=1,VLOOKUP($B$25,'1 - Single'!$A$1:$C$7,2,TRUE)+VLOOKUP($B$25,'1 - Single'!$A$1:$C$7,3,TRUE)*($B$25-VLOOKUP($B$25,'1 - Single'!$A$1:$C$7,1,TRUE)))

    Basically I am building an excel spreadsheet that allows users to chose a tax status (1 - Single, 2 - MFJ, 3 - MFS, of 4 - Head of Household) and input an income. The tax amount is then generated. I want the cell to be blank if the tax status does not apply. Here is a screenshot of the page.
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    Perhaps there is a better way to approach this?


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    Your IF formula does not contain a FALSE argument, so, try =IF($B$28=1,VLOOKUP($B$25,'1 - Single'!$A$1:$C$7,2,TRUE)+VLOOKUP($B$25,'1 - Single'!$A$1:$C$7,3,TRUE)*($B$25-VLOOKUP($B$25,'1 - Single'!$A$1:$C$7,1,TRUE)),"")

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