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Thread: Or formula help please

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    Or formula help please

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    So I am creating a board game in excel. I currently have a draw card feature to draw random cards. I also have section above where you can fill in the answer to the question and another 2 sections that flip to correct or incorrect. Those formulas work as =IF(AND(Sheet1!J6="When resubmitting the claim to another insurance should you be voiding an adjustment to the S code if one is posted?",Sheet1!I2="Yes"),"That is Correct!"," "). I have another for if Sheet1!i2="no" then it flips to that is incorrect. I want an OR formula that will be like if multiple cells have any text in them it will display them but only one cell at a time. So essentially a way for multiple questions to be able to be drawn and you can answer those questions and be told if they are correct or not. I hope this makes sense I'm terrible at describing anything.

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    Its a bit difficult to understand what your set up is like from what you have said, but it sounds like you have a series of questions in cells together with answers in a corresponding cell.
    It follows that the answers must be picked from a list, otherwise a spelling error (eg.) would result in a wrong answer.
    If your questions are chosen by number, you might use the choose function in the question cell to display a question from a list. You could use the same method to "CHOOSE" a set of answers and a Correct or Iincorrect
    response without using a lot of nested IFs with ANDs and ORs, because your only dealing with one question at a time. True you might have a lot of answers, but only one is right.
    Let me know if Im on the right track? If not perhaps you can post an example workbook?

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