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Thread: Lookup a unique, conditional value between two sheets

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    Lookup a unique, conditional value between two sheets

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    The following problem is probably simple, but I canít figure out the right function. Please help:

    Sheet 1 has the following:
    Column A, B contain non-unique numbers
    1,000 rows

    Sheet 2 has the following:
    Column A, B, C contain non-unique numbers
    Column D contains unique text IDs
    10,000 rows

    For each row in Sheet 1 get unique text IDs from Sheet 2 that satisfies the following condition:
    Sheet 1, Column A = Sheet 2, Column A
    Sheet 1, Column B is greater than Sheet 2, Column B but less than Sheet 2, Column C

    Thank you.

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    Hi Morph1. This is probably accomplished with a combination of VBA (i.e. macros) and SQL (i.e. Structured Query Language, which is used to retrieve data from databases.) If you post a file with some sample data and instructions, I'll whip up an example for you.

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