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Thread: Formula help with drawing random cards

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    Formula help with drawing random cards

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    So I hope this makes sense. I am creating a "board game" type game in excel and one of the functions will be landing on a cell. When you are on this cell you click the checkbox to the left of it which then flips the value to true. I then have another formula generating a random number between 1 and 100 if the value is true. I would like to make cards in a separate sheet out of single cells but make about 40-50 of them maybe less. I want it to be able to pull a card(cell's) contents into another cell on another sheet. But I want it to be a random card associated with the random number generator. I can definitely make changes if this isn't possible but the point of it is to show the contents of one of the random cards.

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    If I understand correctly you could associate a number with each of the cards and then call it with a lookup like =vlookup(randbetween(1,100),Sheet2!A:B,2,false).

    Hope this helps,

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