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Thread: Macro for displaying a Message box based on a cell Text

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    Macro for displaying a Message box based on a cell Text

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    Good day for everyone !

    I need a macro code for the following problem.

    I have an excel sheet and on that I am using drop down menu from Cell U8 to U357 (Data Validation). In this work sheet, If I selected "A" from the drop down menu, I want to Display a message box with a message " Please enter the absent mode" and once the user clicked OK on the message box automatically the selection should go to its parallel "V" cell.

    Eg: As soon as I selected "A" in U10, the " Please enter the absent mode" message should appear with an OK button and after clicking the OK the curson should select the "V10" Cell. I will be more happy if only "V10" cell is active and only after entering a value in "V10" then only the user do anything on other cells.

    Kindly help me with a macro for this and thanks in advance.

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    You don't need VBA, you can add a message in the Data Validation
    Hope that helps


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