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Thread: Converting PDF to Excel

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    Converting PDF to Excel

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    I am trying to convert an 800 page PDF file into Excel so I can automatically update pricing information. I have tried a number of different sources and have not had any luck with this conversion. There are programs that will export the data into Excel applications, but it does not do it in a clean format. I have tried all of the basic applications that pop up from a basic Google search and have also tried converting it using the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

    Here is a link to the PDF: ttp://

    Once I convert that into an organized excel file, I am planning on writing a macro to have it automatically update a pricing field in an inventory spreadsheet. Any thoughts?

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    I hve never seen any pdf converted into Excel that can be used properly.

    Why can't you get the data in a csv file?
    Hope that helps


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    A PDF form is the only way they send out the information. I tried contacting the company multiple times to ask that questions and they are not willing to work with me which is why I am trying to find a decent way to convert it. I agree with you that there aren't any converters out there that work correctly.

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