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Thread: Updating a cell from a table entry

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    Updating a cell from a table entry

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    First time poster so I hope this is in the right spot and I can explain it. I'm trying to track the number of hrs I put on an airplane before it requires an inspection. I've built a table to track the total number of hours I fly. What I am trying to do is create a cell, it doesn't have to be in a table, that updates the time remaining to the inspection.

    Example: The inspection is due at 100hrs. In my last table entry I've flown 50hrs, so the time remaining cell would say 50. If I add a new row to the table adding 5 more hours, I want the time remaining cell to automatically updated to 45hrs remaining. I know the basics of formulas, I just don't how to get the formula to reference an added table row. Is that possible,

    Thank you very much for any help


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    If you convert your table into an Excel table, i.e. select a cell in the table, then go to Insert|Table then click Ok.

    Then add a formula outside the table, like =100-SUM(Table1[Hours]) where Table1 is the table you created and hours is the name of the column with the hours you want to cumulatively deduct. You can also replace the 100 with a cell referencing the initial set hours.

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