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Thread: Using a Vlookup to populate a help cell

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    Using a Vlookup to populate a help cell

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    Hi, I have been struggling for several days now to generate the correct formula for my spreadsheet.

    Basically I am looking to add a help/information cell onto my spreadsheet so that when the user fills the sheet in they can refer to the help/information. This cell needs to change each time a new entry is selected in a particular column.

    My sheet is for an expenses form I currently have a vlookup formular returning the help information to the correct cell but I want this to change when I select a new expense in the second row, then 3rd row etc.

    Thanks In advance and please advise if I need to add any additional information.

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    Have you considered using tool-tips/input messages (part of Excel's data validation functionality). Check out

    Failing that, suggest you upload a sample workbook so we can get a better idea of what you have tried, and what you need.


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