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Thread: Count days between two dates function

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    Count days between two dates function

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    n Excel 2013 I am trying to input a "days" function which will return the number of days between to dates. I've been trying to use the "days" function which is in the drop down menu under "DATE and TIME" ( which is in the Formulas Tab). The dialogue box promises exactly what I'm looking for- it states clearly that if I just input the start and end dates in the 2 boxes it will calculate how many days are between these and return a number. It even gives me a number just under the boxes but then below that the "formula results" = "5/22/1900 ! how can I get a simple number out of it that makes sense?

    The complete task asks for: "Enter a logical function to verify that the date the house sold occurs after the date listed. If it does, return the number of days, if not return "Check Dates". Any help with all of this, gratefully received!

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    Hi. Forums generally do not provide assistance for homework. You might want to have a look at cell formatting, though....

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    Did you try using the NETWORKDAYS function?

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