Below are my code and I posted at other websites but still unable to solve the problem. I have about 100 excel files and each has a tab call "Oracle" Some of them are protected with the password "ch", some are protected with no password and some are not protected. Below code should able to unprotect sheet even if there is no password set to unlock but I still run into below run-time error when I get to Range("a5:au1228").AutoFilter Field:=29, Criteria1:="y"

Run-time Error'1004':
You cannot use this command on a protected sheet. To use this command, you must first unprotect the sheet(Review tab, Changes group, Unprotect Sheet button). You may be prompted for a password

I think maybe it is my autofilter code is not right? Maybe even after I unprotect it is still consider protected and that is why the autofilter does not work? I am desperate, please help!

Sub Pickle()
Dim helen As Workbook
Dim helen2 As Workbook

Set helen2 = Workbooks.Add

Set helen = Workbooks.Open("h:\2014 Baseline\2014_13512 Chief Architect.xlsm")
With helen.Sheets("Oracle")
.Visible = True
If .ProtectContents Then .Unprotect Password:="ch"
End With

Range("a5:au1228").AutoFilter Field:=29, Criteria1:="y"
Range("a5:au1228").Copy helen2.Sheets(1).Range("a5")

End Sub