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Thread: Transportation problem, linear programming and Solver

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    Transportation problem, linear programming and Solver

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    I am working on a transportation model in which I have to choose the best location for a new factory that minimizes transportation costs with 3 warehouses. I currently have 2 factories, and I want to choose the location for a third factory between 3 alternatives.

    I have been able to solve this problem by analyzing each of the 3 possible locations separately (therefore, creating linear programming models with the 2 old factories + a new one), and then comparing the minimum costs that I would incur in each of these three cases.

    I've been trying to integrate these three steps into one, so that I would have to run Solver only one time and it would give me the best possible location among the 3 choices, but so far I've been unsuccessful. Would it be possible to achieve this in one step?

    And more specifically, could I achieve it while still keeping it as a linear programming problem?

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    Crossposted. Please provide links to all other sites you have posted the question in.

    Why you are being asked:

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    Sorry about that. Here are the links.

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