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Thread: Building up 16 teams (2 persons per team) 12 times differently using excel

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    Building up 16 teams (2 persons per team) 12 times differently using excel

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    I am preparing for a tournament and I am trying to build it up through Excel, the inputs of the tournament are as follow:

    1- 32 players
    2- 16 teams (each team consist of 2 players)
    3- 12 Rounds (1 Round per day, which means there is 8 matches per day - every team is competing with another team)
    4- Teams changes every round (which means two players can only meet once in one team for the 12 rounds, for example, in Round 1 player X is playing in the same team with player Y, however; in round 2 player X & player Y shouldn't be in the same team again everyone should team up with another players. This scenario keep on going until the rounds finish - each round different teams).

    I have tried using this formula: {=index(array:list of the 32 players, mrand()+1) (I had to install the Morefunc add-in for the mrand() ) this gives me only the first round teams. However; for the second, third, forth,...... round I need to make sure that no one is playing again with the same player that he teamed with before. I don't want to manually check it, I need to make sure that excel is generating 16 teams every round different from the round before. Can excel do that?


    Thank you for helping in advance,

    Amer Al Sbiei

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