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Thread: If text value = Like "**" then insert a given value in Row

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    If text value = Like "**" then insert a given value in Row

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    I've got a huge spreadsheet with a column where cells are text filled with product titles. I have used Access queries: Like "*Mens*" and Like "*Shorts*" which finds all records with Mens Shorts in the text. I would like to use the same type of search in excel but if the search is true then a given number or text string is inserted into another column and corresponding row.

    I guess this is possible but I really have no idea how.

    Could someone please help?

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    Good afternoon,

    You can use the find function, something like this: If( Find("Mens",--Source--) + Find("Shorts",--Source--) > 0, row(),""). This will give you a nice number that you can index-match off of:
    Index( --Source--, match( small(--Find Column--,row()-*number of headers*) , --Find Column--,0)) and drag down.

    Hopefully this is helpful and not too confusing.

    Best of luck,

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    just a quick reply, just getting the kids to bed. I think this will give me all results from find then I can just input any value manually and drag the value to replicate value down through the positive search results.
    Not sure about whereI should be inputting the function code but will give it a blast in an hour "watch this space" lol

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    Sorry for delay, this works a treat. Thanks a lot for your help.

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