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Thread: Need help! "Data-validation-Like' formula??

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    Need help! "Data-validation-Like' formula??

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    Is there a way through data validation or lookups to do this:

    Say we 15 things that can apply to one item. Is there a formula I could use to enter codes of those things into one cell and have the actual descriptions being populated in the next column?

    Column A (just text): lemon
    Column B (enter descriptors; codes): 1;3;5;8
    Column C (the corresponding desciptors appear): yellow; citrus; vitamin C; tree

    Data Validation descriptors:

    1 yellow
    2 red
    3 citrus
    4 vegetable
    5 vitamin C
    6 Vitamin D
    7 root
    8 tree
    Many thanks in advance,

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    Are you basically trying to have someone input a number in one field and then it will display text in another field based off of the values you set?

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