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Thread: Change date value format

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    Change date value format

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    HI All,

    Can anyone help me to develop one macro which change the date in dd-mon-yyyy format to yyyy/mm/dd format.

    If partial date are there, then it should be filled with hyphen symbol (_) e.g. for 2010 , output will be 2010/--/--
    for May-1998 , output will be 1998/05/--

    I am able to do this conversion through excel formula(see column B) from some forum but can not populate the whole data properly.

    That means for cell (1,1,) containing two value, output populated for one value (excluding days).
    Similarly for cell(9,1), cell(11,1), cell(12,1)---> output is displayed as blank (see in col B)

    Can I get my exact requirement just like for column "REQUIREMENT (Is it possible)"

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    can anyone help me whether it is possible or not

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    start splitting those string in seperate cells, that contain only 1 date per cell (use texttocolumns).

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