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    Unhappy Formula Help? Date Range help...

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    Hopefully someone can help me with a formula.

    Basically I am looking to calculate how many of a certain type of resource I require on any given week.

    A9 contains the role.
    B9 the amount of effort
    C9 –to- F9 the skill required
    H9 is their effectiveness
    G9 then calculates the actual resource number – i.e 2 resources at 50% effectiveness would equate to 1 resource.
    I9 is the start date for the resource(s) to start
    J9 is the calculated finish date
    And K9 is the elapsed time

    Using row 9 as an example I would like the cells under the dates from L9 onwards to be populated with the number of Actual resources required.
    I could populate with ‘true or false based on an ‘AND’ formula. But is there a formula where I can populate between the two dates, with the number present in the Actual resource column?

    I attach the spreadsheet for reference.

    Any help and advice much appreciated. Hope this makes sense??
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    Beginning in cell L9, use:

    Autofill as required.

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    This is a bit like Deep Thougt fom the 1970s!

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