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Thread: automatically transferring data to another worksheet

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    automatically transferring data to another worksheet

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    I am not sure which section this would come under.

    I work for a company that has 8 or 9 holiday parks.

    We have a spreasheet for the company credit card.

    The first sheet has all the credit card transactions, one of the columns on this sheet is named "Park" where we input the name of the park that the transaction is for.

    then there are 8 other sheets one for each of the parks.

    Is there a formula or anything I can do that when we input the name of the park into the "Park" column that it automaticall transfers that row of information into the correct sheet for that park.

    I did try to do one with a macro and it worked however, I had to click the update entry button (i created to run the macro) everytime I entered a line, and also if i had 2 entries for one park the second one would overwrite the first one (it wouldnt go to the next available row) - i have attached this spreadsheet

    Credit Card Spreasheet.xlsm

    Please help

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    Good morning,

    Please see the attached file. I made a "flag" on the first sheet that numbers each record, then on the subsequent sheets, the index-match calls based on the sheet name and the row number.

    Best of luck,
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    thank you so much for all your help

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    You're welcome

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    Hi, I have a one questions also. I have employee master list there has been some around 300 rows of employee list, there are including left employee also. o.k now what is the question there is one column is the date of birth. now what is the problem is that every day i find out that who is the birth day of today.

    So is there any formula any conditional formatting formula that i am in morning coming in office and open the excel files and i have show that the today is so and so employees are birth day and that birth date column are appearing with back ground cell color so that i have seen easily that and find the employee.

    Pls. reply me and solve the matter

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    You could use conditional formatting. Just use a formula like if(c2 = today(),1,0) and set a format.

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    Please send/attached the example excel file

    Thanks & Regards

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