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Thread: Calculating Vacation Time at Beginning of Year

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    Calculating Vacation Time at Beginning of Year

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    I have a formula that will calculate the vacation time earned based on hire date. The amount of time changes based on years of service.
    Hire Date Vacation Time
    1/1/1994 80
    8/20/2013 0
    8/20/2008 40

    The formula works great - =LOOKUP(DATEDIF($C3,TODAY(),"Y"),{0,1,5,9,10},{0,80,40,40,80}). My problem now is that the policy changed and the time earned BEGINS at the start of the new year, so for example the person hired on 8/20/2008 would not earn their time until 1/1/2009. How can I add that part to my current formula? Thanks Gene

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    Assuming that for the first Hire date, you want to count from that date since it is on the first, then


    if you still want to go to next year..


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    Works great, using the second formula, thanks so much for the help!

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