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Thread: find specifc total among group of cells with numbers

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    find specifc total among group of cells with numbers

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    Using Excel 2003, is there a way to find a specific total among a group of numbers in cells? Let’s say I have a total, e.g., $45.00, and a group of cells with these numbers:


    Is there a way I can find out which, if any, of these numbers total $45.00?


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    Monelle, it a few days since you asked this and there's been no responses, if you are still in need of a suggestion have a look at this similar question asked a few years ago on another forum with a solution that uses the Excel solver add-in.

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    In excel 2007, If ... End if can be used to check whether two totals equal the given value.
    If there are more numbers, Do... Loop an be used.
    I am a learner still.

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