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Thread: Trying to setup a sheet to give a running balance

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    Question Trying to setup a sheet to give a running balance

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    Hi! I'm trying to set up a little personal finance sheet but run into a problem. here is my problem:

    Say I have 2 columns d, e, I want to keep a running balance in the e column. I start with a total in the first column e. In the second row in the d column I have a value, either positive or negative, I want to sum this value with the number in the e column row one. I want to place the result in the second row of column e. I want to do the same calculation on each subsequent row, thereby have a running total of expenditures in the e column. Can someone please help me do this

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    Well, I can't edit this post or delete it so I'll just say I found the answer, Thanks!

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    This should be pretty simple. If you post an example I can explain it to you better

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