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Thread: Need help with a macro please

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    Need help with a macro please

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    Hello folks!

    I'm learning slowly how to write simple macros, and always find lots of useful information from previous questions on this and other forums, thank you!

    I have posed myself a task to make my life easier whilst at work that I hope you can help me with?

    I have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of consultation periods on for any type of change at work, for instance terms and conditions, or redundancies.

    I have used a simple formula to give me a count of how many live consultations I currently have ongoing on the register as at when it is opened each time, but I would like the ability to forecast forward.

    I would like to do this by writing a simple macro that does the following:

    • Open the consultation register.xlsx
    • Ask for a date in an input box
    • Insert date from input box into cell B7 of the consultation register.xlsx
    • Compare each of the rows with a blank cell in column U and, if the date in column T is earlier than the date in B7, insert the date from column T.
    • Save the file using a saveas box prefilled with the title consultation register as at [date in cell B7]

    Would any kind individual help point me on the right track please?

    I have attached the spreadsheet in question, there are currently no macros within, just formulae.

    Consultation register.xlsx

    Your assistance is much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Avoid 'Select' and 'Activate' in VBA.
    Avoid 'merged cells' in VBA.
    Start with the basics in VBA: e.g. VBA for Dummies (J. Walkenbach).

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    Agree with SNB. I taught myself VBA macro coding using VBA for Dummies (J. Walkenbach) (and then continued via google).

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