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Thread: Help on SUMIFS Function

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    Help on SUMIFS Function

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    Hi guys, am facing a problem with my Expense Summary. Am trying to pull my Expenses by Plan (OP, Actual & S2) from summary sheet using SUMIFS function. I have used SUMIF function earlier but in this case i have 2 conditions, One is check as per the Expense Head and Second as per Plan (OP, Actual, S2). I have to use multiple criteria as per my reporting as i can change the Plan in the column rather than amending the formula. Am getting a error when am using the SUMIFS function. Can someone please help in this. I have prepared a sample sheet which am attaching with this query. Please help in case any other way to sum the Expense head as per the Plan. Thanks in advance.
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    Try instead:


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    Thanks for the quick reply. I had infact used Index and Match with the sumifs combination, but i made a mistake in selecting the entire range in Index which was giving me a incorrect value. My report is working great, thanks once again.

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