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Thread: Not filtering entire rows

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    Question Not filtering entire rows

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    I am not sure if Excel can do what I want. I am looking for a way to use auto-filter, so that the only data that gets hidden is data within the filtered table.

    For example, if I have a table in columns A:C and other information on the same rows of columns E:H and I put a filter on the table in columns A:C, when I filter, the norm is for entire rows to be hidden, which would of course hide information on the same rows in columns E:H, which I would like to remain visible.

    Can the filter be made to only work within the table? Can the table (or the info in columns E:H) be placed into some kind of box, overlaid onto the worksheet? Can the info in E:H somehow be protected from being hidden by the filter used in columns A:C?

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    Good morning,

    As far as I know, when you filter it will always remove the whole row. You might try a pivot table though. You could filter out the blanks with that but it would not hide your rows.

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