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Thread: Multiply IF

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    Multiply IF

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    Hi everybody,
    I need to compare two rows of text and multiply the values if the text matches. It would be something like SUMIF, but with multiply instead of sum. For example:

    mouse- 1 monitor- 30 mouse- 10*1
    keyboard- 2 mouse- 10 keyboard- 15*2
    monitor- 1 keyboard- 15 monitor- 30*1

    I want it to work like SUMIF, compare the first two ranges and multiply the corresponding values.
    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Are you going to sum the products?

    I am not sure I am following? How do you get the 10*1, 15*2, 30*1? What is the final result you want? is it by row, or a totalling from all rows?

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