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Thread: Min - Max functions????

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    Question Min - Max functions????

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    I am not new to excel but I've never really fully understood or needed to get more in depth formulas/functions. I'm trying to create a formula to calculate our shipping costs for material at work. Our shipping cost is 8.5% of the net costs. Obviously a very easy formula of =F2*.085.

    I know how to set the Min (=MIN(F2*0.085,1000)) or Max (=max(F2*0.085,125)) but not both at the same time. Our shipping costs will never go below $125 and never exceed $1000.

    How do I make this work?

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    Perhaps =MIN(MAX(F2*0.085,125),1000)

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    Talking Thank You!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pecoflyer View Post
    Perhaps =MIN(MAX(F2*0.085,125),1000)
    I don't know why I didn't think about that. That works Perfectly. Thank You!

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