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Thread: Recurring date formula

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    Recurring date formula

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    This could be so easy but for some reason is not working out. My brain is burned.

    I need a formula that would set recurring dates by day. For example if today is 11/05/2013 the next sheet on my spreadsheet should read 11/05/2013. Then the last sheet has to be linked but to show the next Wednesday only. So if this past Wednesday was 10/30/2013 now it has to show 11/6/2013. Please help and thanks in advance..

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    I'm not quite sure I follow, but let's just talk about dates for a sec so you can hopefully work this out.

    The function =TODAY() will return the current day's date. It's recalculated every time the workbook is recalculated which is good and bad as it won't retain history, but it can work well in templates that you're starting fresh and need the current date in them. If you need your spreadsheet to hold a date over a period of time (say it's going to be opened every day of the week and you want the sheets to retain the historical date in a cell), then this won't work for you and you'll need to hard code a cell.

    To add to a date is relatively straight forward. Dates are numbers (as described here), so you just need to add 1 to get to the next day or 7 to get to the same day next week.

    Not totally sure if that helps, but if not, maybe upload an example file of what you're trying to accomplish.
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