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Thread: arguments in functions

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    Red face arguments in functions

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    = Average (number1, number2...)
    = AverageAll(value1, value2...)

    in the first function excel ask for numbers as arguments
    in the second ask for values as arguments
    what is the difference between number and values in this case? the arguments of second function are numbers too and why the sintax is not =AverageAll(number1, number2...)
    I hope to be clear, my english is very very bad...

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    In which application do you use AverageAll ? It's not native to Excel

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    in Excel
    sorry! name function is Averagea

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    Maybe I have not explained well. My question is not about the functions, there are just for example. I'm not clear about their actual arguments. Why Excel, for some functions ask to specify NUMBERS, and for other ask to specify VALUES, when all these functions use NUMERICAL VALUES. What does mean VALUE in these functions? That they can use not only numerical values, but other values like text and logical?
    Anyway thank you for replyes.

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