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Thread: Dividing the number and setting the maximum in cells

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    Dividing the number and setting the maximum in cells

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    Hey everyone!
    So basically, i need help with dividing the number. I have for example 20 hours(A1) which have to be divided into 8h + the rest. So, 8(B2)+8(B3)+4(B4) hours, and I have no idea how to come to that. I have tried few things, but I can only divide it by 8 and it doesn't go anywhere from that. I would be REALLY helpful if somebody would explain it to me, because i need to figure this out, urgently !

    Thank you so much for your help guys (and girls )

    Cheers, Lana

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    sure there are better solutions than the following

    In B1 and to the right

    or in B2 and down


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