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Thread: how to check list and write a value

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    how to check list and write a value

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    hi new in excel programing i have some kind of expirience in c# and i have a wery long list witch includes som numbers that i want to chech if its exist in the list and if it exsist i want to write another number beside the cell that number excist.

    hope some one could help me becouse its very har to do that in 200000 rows.


    123 132 *** asd
    111 111 456 wer match** write 456 from another list to cell beside the matching without any code in the cell.

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    Hello yusufugan

    You would get better advise if you were to provide a worksheet with a sample of the column you want to check and the list you want to check it against and the numbers that need to be written.

    A guess is:

    - a For Each loop on your list
    - an Application.Match against the column you want checked
    - and an offset or two to get and write the additional number

    I could be totally out to lunch with this guess, but there are many capable people that frequent the forum who are more likely to assist if they know exactly what you are working with rather than having to guess.

    Hope you can get some (better) suggestions


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