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Thread: Format Date with Condition

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    Smile Format Date with Condition

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    I am having trouble with a formula in excel 2007. For example, cell A1 = 8/11/2013, I want result = "Nov". I will use this formula =TEXT(A1,"MMM"). How should I put a condition if I would like to check only from Oct - Dec. Eg. 10/5/2013. ("May"), Anything not from the condition, I will want to have this result "5/10/2013". Pls help. Thank you so much!

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    Not sure that why you need that, but, try:

    =IF(MONTH(A1)>=10,TEXT(A1,"MMM"),A1) or if you want the result to always be text: =TEXT(A1,IF(MONTH(A1)>=10,"MMM","M/D/YYYY"))

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