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Thread: Examples of Excel VBA code

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    Examples of Excel VBA code

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    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am trying to write a fairly simple VBA routine to search data, copy and past from one sheet to another. I am hoping to find some examples, I am sure someone has already done so.

    So far unable to find a good resource, do examples exist in this forum or does someone know a good link so I can get started?

    Thank you

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    Hi Back2Basic,

    Did you tried searching this forum or Internet to get your answer ?
    I searched and found many.

    Also, would be helpful if you could upload a sample workbook with your expected results. Thanks.


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    Looping to find Copy and Paste

    Thank you for your help......I Really appeciate it. I did search the forum and did find some examples, but so far not enough to start. Please allow me to explain what I need to do. Hopefully you can give me a good example start:

    I have uploaded two Excel files: WC 9082Task and 2013 Log. What I need to do is get information from file 2013 Log and insert it in file WC 9082 task one row at a time.

    I do know VBA and am comfortable with most code but do not know the tricks of Basic statements for Excel files.

    What I need to loop through and get the data in the "C" column of file WC task9082. Each time I get the data, I then need to goto the 2013 LOG file and find that data and the corresponding row it sit on. Next, I need to copy two fields from the row: field A "CG#" and field D "Crew or SUB" and paste the data back into the row on file WC9082Task where I started the Loop.
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