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Thread: VLOOKUP - if column A contains text string then return new value to column B

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    VLOOKUP - if column A contains text string then return new value to column B

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    Hi all, spent nearly a day on this one and was hoping someone could help me out.

    I am currently doing some data management for a company and need to get a specific function working with Vlookup which should save a few days work.

    I currently have all the file names in a single column e.g.


    I need to be able to isolate the _FOP and _TOP part so that when it looks at my Vlookup table, it returns a value such as 'FOP Image' into a new column and 'TOP Image" into the same column (but horizontal to its original file name.

    There are a few variations, so maybe an OR function will come in handy e.g. _TOP, _BOP - what I am having trouble with is isolating multiple isolated parts of strings in order to return the desired value.


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    assuming data starts in A2, try this in B2 and drag down


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    I tip my hat to you sir... Now I can Vlookup to return the desired value and presto! Thank you so much!

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    So I need help on the next step of this if that is all good

    DATA (Column 1-3) Table (Column 4-5)

    File ID Type Name Type Name
    800GR_top.psd _top ? _top TOP Image
    800GR_fop.psd _fop ? _fop FOP Image
    800GR_BOP.psd _BOP ? _BOP BOP Image
    800GR_top.psd _top ?
    800GR_BOP.psd _BOP ?
    800GR_Prawn.psd _Prawn ?

    I need a formula which identifies the type in data (now possible thanks to NoS) and return a value in the Name Column. The values are in the table I have put next to it... so if I pull the formula down, any type e.g such as _Top, populates the cell next to it with TOP Image and so forth

    Any further help would be great Thanks,

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    Did you try the VLOOKUP you identified?


    =VLOOKUP(B2,$D$2:$E$4,2,FALSE) copied down

    where B2 contains the first lookup value of _top and D2:E4 contains the lookup table.

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    You guys are awesome... really appreciate the help with this one! Thanks so much - learning as I go! Hopefully will be able to contribute in the future!


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