I have a monthly tracker to maintain.

I have done data validation for the entire month and people get to choose different options if its a weekday and different list for SAT, SUN and Holiday.

What I want is , people are copying and pasting data in SAT, SUN and HOL what they do normally during weekdays.

Whereas SAT , SUN and HOL have different list to choose for than on weekdays.

Can we write a code where either SAT,SUN and HOL should automatically have the WK_OFF and Holiday list populated whenever there is a weekend or Holiday.

User should not be able to choose anything but WK_OFF and Holiday list.

Or they should not be able to copy , paste from other cells . Disabling copy , paste and dragging can not be done as I need it.

I hope I was able to put this across to you.

Let me know of any questions.

Thanks for your help.